Welcome to the Barefoot Nutritionist!

This space is an exploration of ancestral nutrition, herbal medicine and wild food, and serves to connect you back to real food from the earth and optimize your health and performance with an integrative approach.

Whether you’re a seasoned wild food forager out on the landscape looking to refine your identification, cooking, or medicine making skills; a home cook, chef or food lover looking for culinary inspiration; or are seeking knowledge of herbal medicine, optimal human nutrition, or how to improve your state of health naturally, I aspire to educate and inspire you.

At The Barefoot Nutritionist, I like to frame food as a bigger picture – I encourage the exploration of food as nourishment, movement, medicine, play, and science. Ancestral nutrition connects us deeply to our genetic roots, wild foods and herbs nourish our bodies on a cellular level, and natural movement patterns from foraging and gardening strengthen our bodies into natural alignment.

To me, food represents art, community, and an expression of the seasons and our earth. When I’m not gathering or growing, I love shopping locally for fresh ingredients, carefully preparing them through traditional methods, and sharing the abundance with friends, family and the community.

Welcome to my tribe, where we treat nutrition as nourishment, medicine, and celebration; foraging as movement and exploration; and cooking as joy, experimentation, and education.

Thanks for being here!

Kayla MacDonald, R.H.N.