Kayla Macdonald, RHNKayla MacDonald, R.H.N. started her journey early in life, when cooking and food became her passion. Throughout high school, she received awards for her skills in various cooking classes, competed in regional culinary arts competitions, received a scholarship, and was accepted into the North Island College Professional Cook program.

Kayla quickly realized that food was beyond what was on our plates – it also has an effect on our physical, psychological, and spiritual health, and plays a major role in our culture, social events, and connection with the earth. Through her own health journey, she found using food as medicine to be the unarguable bottom line for both prevention and treatment of disease. When modern medicine failed to remedy her chronic endocrine and reproductive disorders, she turned within, using food, herbs, movement, and self care to find balance and harmony within her body, mind and spirit. After over 8 years of working in the restaurant industry, she changed her career path to study nutrition.

Kayla attended the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in Nanaimo, BC, receiving her diploma as a Holistic Nutritionist. Her practise is based out of Inner Strength Acupuncture and Health in downtown Comox. Currently, she also works at Edible Island Whole Foods Market as a Natural Health Product Advisor, and writes a monthly 50+ Living article in the Comox Valley Record.

Focusing her practice on women’s health, Kayla has a wealth of knowledge in reproductive health, hormone balance, fertility, menopause, and mindful weight loss. As an avid runner, rock climber and outdoors enthusiast, she also works with sports and performance nutrition. Kayla uses whole foods, herbs, mushrooms, and isolated nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids to help her clients achieve their health and wellness goals.