Guiding the body to a state of balance with whole foods, herbal medicine, self care, and intentional living.


Holistic Nutrition is the practice of using food as medicine, focusing on high quality whole, unrefined foods. Locally grown and seasonal foods are always emphasized.  An individual’s genetics, health history, symptoms, emotions, preferences and goals will all be considered when tailoring a diet specific to their needs. Holistic Nutrition aims to connect the mind, body and spirit by addressing how emotions and stress present themselves in specific areas of the body as pain, inflammation, or disease. Whole foods are always the focal point, encouraging balance and freedom in the diet. For more specific needs, therapeutic diets, herbs, mushrooms, vitamins/minerals, amino acids and other supplements may also be recommended.

Everybody has their own unique story. From genetics, to personal health history, to food preferences and values, each aspect of your health will be considered when customizing an approach for you. From here, we can interpret existing medical diagnosis, analyze blood work results, assess your symptoms using a systemic approach, and develop a holistic plan to help you meet your health and wellness goals.


Kayla MacDonald, R.H.N.