Holistic Nutrition is an evidence-based model of practising nutrition where all aspects of the individual is considered – mind, body, and spirit – and is incorporated into a deeper understanding of balance and human optimization. In my practise, I prioritize real food nutrition. I emphasize the importance of building a dietary foundation of whole foods in their natural form, eating seasonally and locally grown foods, and incorporating a variety of ancestral foods, including wild foraged foods, fermented foods, and traditionally prepared foods.

My approach is free of dogma, and is tailored to the individual based on their ancestry, health history and current health state, and values. I strive to help you celebrate food, with a belief that food can represent art and culture on a global level, but also nurture your own creativity, align the body with the seasons, and recognize the important of gratitude and reverence for the earth and the abundance it provides.

In addition to general nutrition optimization, more therapeutic dietary interventions are available to those with acute or chronic conditions. I am happy to work alongside your primary medical professional (such as your GP or specialist), considering biomarkers from blood, stool testing, and other comprehensive medical tests to formulate an individualized nutrition plan for your needs.

Food is only one pillar of my practise. Herbal medicine, orthomolecular medicine, and lifestyle factors are incorporated into my integrative approach. Lifestyle factors include movement, mindfulness, emotional health, breathwork, stress management, and sleep optimization.

Accessibility is always a priority in my practise, and I recognize the need for alternative medicine to be available to all individuals, regardless of income. Please send an email through the Contact page for more information about working together, including pricing, information on sessions, and packages. A sliding scale is available to those in need.

Sessions vary and are created based on the needs of each individual. A few variations are available as follows:

Free Consultation – Join me for a casual meeting to get to know me, learn more about my offerings, and see if we are a suitable fit to work together. Here we can establish your starting point and goals going forward, and discuss options for sessions and packages. This offering is available in person or via phone.

Initial Consultation – This 60 – 90 minute session includes an intake interview and review of your health history and goals. Here we will formulate an individualized plan and start implementing changes and new practises.

Follow-up Consultaions – These sessions typically run from 30-45 minutes, and serve to review progress, provide accountability, tweak existing protocols, and layer on additional changes and practises as previous protocols integrate and become more concrete. We may also choose to have intermittent phone follow ups, or follow ups via email if meeting in person is inaccessible at our preferred frequency.

Q&A Session – This is an opportunity to pick my brain on any and all topics you have interest in related to nutrition, ancestral health, and wild food and medicine foraging. Here, you lead the session, as you gain insight to explore your own specific areas of interest, deepen your knowledge and refine your own protocols. Some examples may include discussing research, books, or dietary protocols for therapeutic purposes; learning about nutritionally appropriate substitutions for allergens; refining your supplement stack or learning medicine making; or optimizing a specific diet that you’ve chosen based on your own values or healthcare practitioner’s recommendation. This session can be either 30 or 60 minutes in length depending on the needs of the individual.

If any of these offerings speak to you, you want to inquire about services not listed here, or are interested in collaboration opportunities, please send me an email using the form on my Contact page. I love hearing from you!