Managing Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is defined as being diagnosed with three of more of the following five biomarkers, including increased waist circumference/fat accumulation around the midsection; elevated triglyceride levels; reduced high density lipoprotein (HDL)/“good” cholesterol; elevated blood pressure; and elevated fasting blood glucose. When combined, these biomarkers indicate the diagnosis of metabolic syndrome, and can increase an … More Managing Metabolic Syndrome

Eating From the Rainbow – Greens for Good Health

Creating a solid foundation for a well balanced diet is vital to achieve optimal nutrient status, while meeting your daily fibre, protein and fat requirements for good health. In general, our dietary focus should be to include high quality proteins from a variety of sources, healthy fats including omegas, saturated fats and unrefined plant based … More Eating From the Rainbow – Greens for Good Health

Food as Medicine for Inflammation

In holistic healthcare modalities such as naturopathy, nutrition, and herbalism, inflammation is often recognized as a root cause for many chronic and acute conditions. The four cardinal signs of inflammation include redness, heat, swelling, and pain, and these symptoms can depend on both the severity and location within the body. Inflammation can be easily detectable … More Food as Medicine for Inflammation